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Programme development

  1. Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Software Engineering
  2. Bachelor of Computer and Information Science

Papers developed by SERL

  1. Distributed and Mobile Systems
  2. Formal Specification and Design
  3. Mobile System Development
  4. Programming 2
  5. Software Architecture
  6. Software Development Practice

Probabilistic Verification of Socio-Cyber Physical Systems of Disaster-Affected Regions

We propose a tool-supported framework to verify the reliability and expected cost properties of human involvement in resource and emergency aid distribution in a disaster-affected region. At the core of our approach is the ROute Advisor for Disaster Scenarios (ROADS) framework that operates on high-level algebraic models of the region to plan delivery routes used by human agents. Probabilistic and parametric verification of Markov models synthesised from the resulting socio-cyber-physical system supports disaster

management decision making during response and preparedness phases.

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Interpretation of ROAD outputs and Scenarios

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Dr. Kenneth Johnson
Software Engineering Research Laboratory (SERL)

Adjunct post-doctoral fellow Dr Don Lee joins SERL

don lee featured

Dr Don Lee is completing a one-year research project, primarily in response to COVID-19’s impact on airline operations, at the AUT Software Engineering Research Laboratory, mentored by Professor Stephen MacDonell.

Dr Don Lee's Academic profile

Student research: Arnab Sen


For his Master of Philosophy research, Arnab Sen is working with a company that is an industry leader in innovative software architecture. Support from the Embedded Software group is helping him achieve his research goals.

Read Arnab's story

Graduate success: Xingbin Cheng


After investigating an innovative approach to software architecture for his Master of Computer and Information Sciences, Xingbin Cheng has now been hired by the company he collaborated with for his research.

Read Xingbin's story

Research paper presentation


Jim presented a research paper titled “Applying Distributed Cognition Theory to Agile Requirements Engineering”. This paper was presented in the Requirement Engineering: Foundations for Software Quality (REFSQ) conference.

Research published in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics


Awais Tanveer has had a paper accepted in the Q1-ranked IEEE TII journal. The paper proposes a novel design abstraction called “secure links” which allow software developers to include communication security mechanisms into industrial control applications while ensuring high code readability and maintainability.

Research published in Journal of Systems and Software


Barry Dowdeswell, a PhD student who studies fault diagnostics for industrial cyber-physical systems had a paper accepted to the Q1-ranked Journal of Systems and Software. The paper surveys the state of the art of fault identification and management across the aerospace, automotive and industrial control domains.


Invited talk by Dr. Chen-Wei Yang

Invited talk by Dr. Chen-Wei Yang (teamphoto)

The EMSOFT group hosted a talk, titled “Autonomy in Energy Systems Automation - systems engineering perspective” by Dr. Chen-Wei Yang from LTU, Sweden.

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Jim Buchan at Southern SaaS conference

Jim Buchan

In his presentation "Successfully on boarding a new team member – good luck or good support", Jim Buchan talked about some contemporary team on boarding techniques used in the software industry and highlighted challenges in current practices.

Callaghan Innovation

Programme (EIS Everywhere)

Parametric model checking


Dr. Kenneth Johnson recently presented his work on Parametric model checking at University of Waikato. This presentation was based on a paper titled “Efficient Parametric Model Checking Using Domain Knowledge” published in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.

Research paper


Research paper accepted in “Transport Reviews”


Subash Humagain, a Ph.D. student, had a research paper accepted in “Transport Reviews” - a very high ranked journal. The publication titled “A systematic review of route optimisation and pre-emption methods for emergency vehicles”  reports the current state of the art in intelligent transportation systems.


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