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  1. Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Software Engineering
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  1. Distributed and Mobile Systems
  2. Formal Specification and Design
  3. Mobile System Development
  4. Programming 2
  5. Software Architecture
  6. Software Development Practice

Probabilistic Verification of Socio-Cyber Physical Systems of Disaster-Affected Regions

We propose a tool-supported framework to verify the reliability and expected cost properties of human involvement in resource and emergency aid distribution in a disaster-affected region. At the core of our approach is the ROute Advisor for Disaster Scenarios (ROADS) framework that operates on high-level algebraic models of the region to plan delivery routes used by human agents. Probabilistic and parametric verification of Markov models synthesised from the resulting socio-cyber-physical system supports disaster

management decision making during response and preparedness phases.

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Interpretation of ROAD outputs and Scenarios

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Software Engineering Research Laboratory (SERL)

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