Global Software Engineering Process and Practice Team (GSE-PP)

Under the Global Software Engineering Process and Practice (GSE-PP) theme, we collect and provide empirical evidence to rigorously understand what techniques and tools are effective in different contexts to improve the collaborative development of software and the lives of those involved. We also work closely with organisations to ensure that the results of our research are relevant to practising software professionals.

GSE-PP carries out research into global collaborative computing, software processes and practices, and human-centric software engineering, investigating how these aspects relate to the conception, design, development and maintenance of software systems.

Research covers the following areas

  • Practice contexts – influences on process and practice choices over software lifetimes
  • Team process – groupwork and practices, distributed/global/virtual teams
  • Software analytics – supporting real-time (network) analytics and their visualisations
  • Unprojects – uncertain and dynamic approaches to software management
  • SHAW – software health and well-being (and learnings from the health profession generally)
  • Information ecosystems – distinct types, requiring distinct approaches and different skills
  • Human centric computing and connecting design to the reality of the user – involving authentic and real users in design and testing

Research networks

Industry projects

Our student members

  • Seyedhamidreza Ziaei (MCIS thesis (120 points))
  • Pier Shen (MCIS thesis 120 points)
  • Jasmine McKinnon (MCIS thesis 120 points)
  • Yulun Wu (MCIS thesis (60 points))
  • Bogdan Secara (MCS thesis (60 points))
  • Johnny He (MCIS research project) )
  • Zeen Hu (MCIS research project)
  • Yichao Li (MCIS research project)
  • Hui Niu ((MCIS research project)
  • Cheng Sun (MCIS research project)
  • Chai Wei Wong (MCIS research project)
  • Ashley Earnest Fernandes (MITPM research project (45 points))
  • Sergey Germanov (MITPM research project)

Our members

Theme leaders

GSE&PP is led by a collaborative team of Prof Stephen Macdonell, Dr Ramesh Lal, Dr Robert Wellington and Assoc. Prof Tony Clear.