Our students

Our students are working together with staff to drive innovation and explore findings.

PhD students

The order of the students is alphabetical by last name

  • Mujtaba Alawi Alshakhouri
    Project: Software Visualisation to Support Agile Software Processes.
    Mujtaba on LinkedIn
  • Priyanka Antil
    Project: Requirements engineering in global scaled agile software development environment.
    Priyanka on LinkedIn
  • Waruni Hewage
    Project: Optimising the trade-off between data privacy and classification accuracy in a data streaming environment
    Waruni Hewage on Linkedin
  • Asanthika Imbulpitiya
    Project: Learn to Model Relational Databases: Understanding the Novice Database Modeller
    Asanthika on LinkedIn
  • Harley Ogier
    Project: Exploring game characters as autonomous software agents.
    Harley on LinkedIn
  • Nurul Afser Talukder
    Project: Understanding Coordination in Distributed Agile Software development context.
    Nurul on LinkedIn
  • Farzana Zahid
    Project: Requirement engineering in cyber physical systems
    Farzana Zahid on Linkedin
  • Gavin Zhao
    Project: Security in DevOps (DevSecOps/SecDevOps)
    Gavin Zhao on Linkedin
  • Taniela (Daniel) Vaipulu
    Project: Project Management and Complexity: An investigation of the factors contributing to project management success
  • Waruni Hewage
    Project: Optimizing the trade-off between data privacy and data mining accuracy in data streaming environment.
    Waruni Hewage on Linkedin

MPhil Students

  • Vicky Ngo
    Project: DDoS Attack Detection Method Based on Deep Belief Network in Cyber-Physical Systems
    Vicky Ngo on LinkedIn

Masters students

Research staff

Our researchers work alongside our students to validate and develop projects further.

Our researchers