The Soft PRactice INnovation Group (SPRING) carries out research related to the design, development and maintenance of software systems.

We collect and provide empirical evidence to rigorously understand what techniques and tools are effective in different contexts to improve the collaborative development of software and the lives of those involved. We also work closely with organisations to ensure that the results of our research are relevant to practising software professionals.

This group undertakes research in the following areas:

  • Software Analytics – supporting real-time (network) analytics and their visualisations
  • Practice Contexts – influences on process and practice choices over software lifetimes
    • Project leaders à Dr. Tony Clear and Dr. Ramesh Lal
    • Collaborators à Dr, Sarah Beecham and Dr. John Noll
    • Students
      • Harley Ogier (NPC ethnography)
      • Adriana (Agile Metrics)
  • TeamProcess – groupwork and practices, distributed/global/virtual teams
    • Project leaders à Dr. Tony Clear and Dr. Ramesh Lal
    • Collaborators à Dr, Sarah Beecham and Dr. John Noll
    • Students:
      • Priyanka Antil (Global Scaled Agile Software Development)
      • Gavin Zhao (DevSecOps)
  • Unprojects – uncertain and dynamic approaches to software management
    • Project leaders à Dr. Stephen Thorpe and Dr. Ramesh Lal
  • SHAW – software health and well-being (and learnings from the health profession generally)
  • Information ecosystems – distinct types, requiring distinct approaches and different skills.
    • Project leaders à Dr. Tony Clear and Dr. Ramesh Lal
    • Collaboratorsà Prof. Daniela Damian and Dr. Kelly Blincoe
    • Students
      • Imran Ismail
  • Connecting design to the reality of the user: Involving authentic and real users in design and testing
    • Project leader à Robert
  • Developing high value teams
  • Diversity and inclusion in software Teams – why, how and the impact
  • Designing personalized onboarding programs for new team members
  • DevOps in practice – enablers and challenges
  • Leveraging mob programming
  • The evolution of Agile
  • Real-time software analytics and their visualisation
  • Groupwork and practices in distributed/global/virtual teams
  • Understanding the impacts of context on software development
  • Global Scaled Agile Development
  • Software Ecosystems [RSNZ International Leader Fellowship –  Prof. Damian, Assoc. Prof. Tony Clear, Prof. Stephen MacDonell]
  • Mali Senapathi
  • Jacqui Whalley
  • Stephen MacDonell
  • Tony Clear
  • Jim Buchan
  • Ramesh Lal
  • Stephen Thorpe
  • Robert Wellington
  • Students
    • Nurul Afser Talukder
    • Muhammad Tariq
    • Mujtaba Alawi Alshakhouri
    • Harley Ogier
    • Priyanka Antil
    • Xuan Zhu
    • Junkai Liu
    • Amruta Bellikatti
    • Imran Ismail
    • Gavin Zhao

SPRING research cycle

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