The Embedded Software (EmSoft) group carries out research in developing standards-compliant, next-generation embedded software. Embedded computing is the basis of Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT), Edge Computing, Cyber-Physical, Home Automation and Intelligent Transportation systems. We help organisations design commercial embedded software in a systematic manner such that their products are easier to build, upgrade and maintain, and remain standards-compliant over their lifetime. We deliver tangible tools and designs to help companies adopt new technologies with existing products in a timely, safe and profitable manner.

Research is undertaken in the following areas:

  • Standards-driven development of industrial software
  • Software architecture and designs for IoT, home automation, industrial automation and intelligent transportation systems.
  • Formal methods for analysing software requirements, software architectures and software code
  • Development of novel design automation tools
  • Designing next-generation safety-critical systems software, such in autonomous transportation and medical application
  • Modelling and verification of self-adaptive systems
  • Design and development of IoT product lines
  • Precision timed systems

The EMSOFT group has active collaborations with:

  1. Aalto University, Finland
  2. Central Queensland University, Australia
  3. Deakin University, Australia
  4. Indian Institute of Technology, Palakkad
  5. Lulea University of Technology, Sweden
  6. Monash University, Australia
  7. Polytechnic Institute of Bragan├ža, Portugal
  8. The University of Auckland, New Zealand
  9. University of York, United Kingdom
  • FaceMe
  • Datamars Ltd

Group leader:

  • Matthew Kuo: Matthew's role is to facilitate, coordinate, and lead communication and research within the EmSoft group


  • Roopak Sinha
  • Edmund Lai
  • Kenneth Johnson

Student members:

  • Barry Dowdeswell
  • Nidhi Gowdra
  • Subash Humagain
  • Chandan Sharma
  • Awais Tanveer
  • Waruni Hewage
  • Farzana Zahid

Our researchers

Our team has vast knowledge and experience in a number of areas.

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